Collection: Dual Tip Brush Pen

Are you an artist, a calligraphist, or an art enthusiast? Then Dual Tip Brush Pens are your weapon of choice. 

Our exquisite collection of dual-tip brush pens, available online, are designed to suit every artist’s most complex needs. The brush tip sizes start from 0.1 mm to 1mm and the fine tips range from -0.4mm. The total set of pens comes with 120 unique and vibrant color choices. 

The benefit of having these two nibs is that you can create different designs with the same pen because the brush nib allows for bold strokes by adjusting the pressure on the tip, whereas the fine tip is ideal for writing and fine details. 

As brush pens become a more popular medium for aspiring artists, it's important to look for key features when deciding to purchase dual tip brush pens online. Whether you're making water colours and need a true brush style nib, or you're looking for line variation flexibility for colouring and sketching, Hethrone’s collection has it all figured out for you. Our range comprises sets from 6 to 120 brushes. 

Buy dual tip brush pens online without hassle. Our checkout process is kept simple so that the purchase doesn’t cause any inconvenience to our customers. Connect with us for products at the best deal. We also offer free shipping on orders over $49.