Collection: Drawing

Drawing has been considered as an expression through centuries. And every age has produced its own plethora of artists and their magnificent legacies. May it be sketching, shading or a color filled concoction, drawing has always recognised its patronizers.

And the journey of drawing starts at a very tender age. From just scribbling on pieces of papers to creating masterpieces, an artist blooms in every child. Hethrone considers every child to be a drawing prodigy. We believe in their artistic fervour and intellect.

Hethrone brings to you its handcrafted set of 24-Well Airtight Paint Palette. The box is designed for all-round protection against pigment leakage with storage wells that go as deep as 2 cm deep.

Each paint well has been filled with 10 ml of colour for seamless use while the front and back of the box has a paint scoop for ease of accessibility.

It also features a silicon latex seal equipped with a moisturizing rubber pad that keeps the paint moist and ready for use.

To buy drawing tools online is a tedious task. One has to think about the quality of the materials, delivery, pricing, etc. But those days are a thing of the past with Hethorne taking a center stage with its line of drawing tools.

You can now buy drawing tools online, that are hand crafted to extend the finesse every piece of art deserves. Give that artist in you the necessary push and draw your way through your dreams.