Collection: Color Markers

Markers were once thought to be a specialized tool, only used by graphic designers and manga artists. They were avoided by serious artists with long-term goals because they were not as fade-resistant as other tools. However, as artists began to create art for the internet, they were drawn to the fantastic versatility and wide range of brilliant colors of markers. 

 A diverse range of artists now uses markers. Because they are easy to use and dry quickly, markers are ideal for traveling, plain-air studies, and urban sketching. Because of the ease with which they apply color, markers are ideal for doodling, sketching, and gesture drawing. Markers blend smoothly as well, allowing for photorealism, abstraction, and everything in between! 

 Moreover, they are inexpensive, convenient, do not make a mess, work well with other media, and allow you to quickly and easily apply bold color! What's not to love about this? 

 Buy online color markers and allow that creative bug in your child to fly high. Hethrone’s latest color range offers 72 permanent markers. May it be coloring a unicorn or a rainbow, our assortment of color markers makes every form of imagination feel alive. Nurture your child’s creative side and drawing skills in one go. 

 With years of research to develop the prized possession of every child, our markers offer premium quality craftsmanship. An array of color markers that come with different types of tips is waiting for you. Check out and buy our exclusive color markers online!