Tips to Buy Dual Tip Brush Pens Online

Tips to Buy Dual Tip Brush Pens Online

Artists have always relied upon different tools to provide finesse to their creation. From a subtle sketch to the complex art of calligraphy, they have extensively used different types of brushes to give life to masterpieces.

Subsequently, modernisation and a focus on research across domains has led to different inventions over the course of time. And the creative industry has not been left out. In 1973, a Japanese company offered art aspirants the first opportunity to buy dual tip brush pens.

Dual tip brush pens are an amalgamation of a fine tip and a brush tip allowing ease of creation. While the brush tip acts as a paintbrush, the fine tip awards the artist the power to draw consistent lines.

These pens are mostly used for:

Drawing: Owing to a dual tip, these brushes can create both thick and bold lines. While the fine tip is mostly used for drawing, the brush tip creates magnificent illustrations.

Faux Calligraphy: The dual tip brush pens are widely used for Faux Calligraphy. The brush tip allows enhanced control while making upward and downward strokes while the fine tip adds the finer details and fills minute spaces.

Monoline Lettering: This is a form of hand lettering characterized by consistent lines that run from point A to B. The fine tip of dual tip brush pens ensures that thickness of a line remains consistent and doesn’t change with pressure.

Brush Lettering: Modern calligraphy has given birth to brush lettering. It generally means writing words artistically using brushes. Dual tip brush pens have grown to become the most favored tools in the trade. It allows you to create beautiful brush-style scripts.

Apart from these, dual tip brush pens can be used in illustrations, coloring, shading, etc.

Advantages of dual tip brush pens

The versatility in usage is the prime advantage of dual tip brush pens. Besides, as art lovers have developed a renewed proclivity for illustration and journaling, the brush and fine tip have become the most favored companion for them.

Nonetheless, you can avoid the hassle and inconvenience of handling your own pigment by using dual tip brush pens. They are far more affordable and portable than specialist brushes. To replicate the characteristics of brush bristles, they also have a range of synthetic tips.

Ease of motion is another advantage of these pens. The brush and fine tip side by side enables the artist to play between fine lines and brush strokes with a twist of the wrist.

Hethrone’s cool and expansive range offers artists a variety of choices to buy dual brush tip pens online. The range includes sets that start from 60 colors dual tip brush pens to 120 pieces.

Each set is encased in a durable carrying case that makes it desirable for all those who demand a mix of quality and quantity. The 1-2 mm nylon tip makes it apt for accurate line control. With over 100 unique colors to choose from, these pens allow artists to create magnificent pieces.

The water-based dye inks used are odorless, non-toxic, and easily wash off the skin and clothing.

Ultimately, to buy dual brush pens online with ease, Hethrone offers safe and secure online checkout.

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