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Hethrone Wood Stem Calligraphy Pen Set with 7 Nibs and 5 Colors Inks

Hethrone Wood Stem Calligraphy Pen Set with 7 Nibs and 5 Colors Inks

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  • Hethrone® writing Pen are individually made by hand with luxury birch wood or glass handles and stainless steel nibs tipped with iridium alloy to protect from wear, fashioned by skilled pen makers.
  • PREMIUM ARTISAN GIFT SET - Every gift box includes two handmade calligraphy pens comes with a beautiful complimentary pen& ink bottle base, 5 metal nibs and 5 colors bottles of ink.Our ink formulation is derived from non-toxic soluble dyes and pigments suspended in shellac.
  • Reduce stress- calligraphy is the ideal escape. Imagine coming home after a stressful day and leisurely making your way through calligraphy worksheets whilst watching a movie and drinking coffee. It's almost therapeutic!
  • Easy writing- Quill pens are also known for writing more smoothly and many find them easier to use, especially if the hands are affected by Carpel Tunnel or Arthritis.
  • Backed up by a 100% money back guarantee. If you have any problems, we'll replace your pen set or give you your money back - we won't let you down. Hethrone offer creative solutions, reliability and exceptional service to our customers. Perfect for beginners, students and advanced calligraphers - makes an ideal gift!


THE ULTIMATE CALLIGRAPHY SET for kids, students and experienced artists. Open the luxurious gift box and discover an exquisite set with 2 dip pens, 5 colored inks, and 5 nibs plus a beautiful pen and ink base.

  The perfect lettering set for beginners and all fans of craft writing. Also included is our basic instruction guide - learn the professional way.

  Turn to the Hethrone calligraphy set for when you have a piece of work that demands elegant lettering and a touch of sophistication.

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