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Hethrone Antique Feather Copper Pen Stem Metal Nibbed Pen


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  • Antique English Practicing Writing Quill/English calligraphy pen
  • Pen body metal carving craftment
  • Top quality pen kit with ink and steel tips
  • Packed in good quality box

Details: Thanks for everyone who love this Hethrone writing quill set ,We have update the package and the new set with 1 more golden color sealing wax. Description: Item No.:LL-14 Package Include: Pen:1 good quality Ostrich feather copper pen stem pen (full length:28cm) Pen nib:6pcs in different sizes(stainless steel) Ink:1 bottle High quality ink black color 20cc/bottle Wax: 1pc of Gold color sealing wax 1 good quality gift box


Hethrone writing quill is an antique writing instrument of great charm, which is used to record every stage of your lifetime. With elegant appearance and demeanor upon writing, it prospers a long history at your hand.

Item No.:PA-14
Material:Pheasant Copper

Package Include:
Pen:1 good quality Pheasant feather pen (full length:32-35cm)
Pen nib:6pcs in different sizes(stainless steel)
Ink:1 bottle High quality ink color black 20cc/bottle

Some after-sale question:
1. Feather is broken We check every feather carefully before it is shipped and keep it in good condition, but some times the item may be damaged on the shipping way we are sorry for this ,but please dont worry,we will give you a satisfactory solution. Also, this is nature feather please do not stroke the feather reverse its hair.Not to clean it by hot water.
2. Nib does not fit. To make it write fluently without worry of nib drop, the design of nib is a little larger than stem hole please do not worry you can use other tool to make it fit well.
3. Could not write. The new nibs is normally with some oil paint on the surface to protect it from rust. Please use hot water or detergent clean it the dry it with soft cloth. Dip the ink at the line no more than the half of nib, after using please clean the nib to make sure it work well next time.


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